About Us

Our History

Qingdao Shuxin Vegetable Co., Ltd. is committed to planting,processing fresh and healthy green vegetables and continuously supplying them overseas since 2010. With the development of the company, we not only export cabbage, but also fresh vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, carrots, onions and potatoes.

More than 14,000 tons of vegetables are processed every year.Shuxin has always insisted on creating a product image of "high standards, high specifications, high quality, and high service", and strives to become a healthy vegetable processing enterprise.

Our Factory

Shuxin selects the most high-quality planting areas in China for vegetable planting. Plantations are mainly distributed in Zhangjiakou, Hubei Tianmen,Hunan Yueyang, and Shandong Pingdu, where rainfall is abundant and the climate is suitable. Our company occupies an area of 10,000 ㎡ meters and owns 26 cold storages.

Product Application

Supermarkets, food processing plants,Restaurant,etc.

Production Market

Shuxin vegetables are particularly popular in Japan, South Korea and Southeast Asia, and there are stable markets in the Middle East, Canada and other regions.At present, it has become a very influential vegetable export company in China.

Our Service

We have a open product cultivation and planting process, and we formulate the most efficient transportation plan based on customer needs to ensure the freshness and safety of vegetables. For after-sales, we continue to track the market dynamics of customers, and efficiently deal with any feedback and suggestions.