When choosing cabbage, whether it’s tight or loose, the taste is much worse, so don’t buy it randomly

When choosing cabbage, whether it’s tight or loose, the taste is much worse, so don’t buy it randomly.

Cabbage is a very common vegetable, and it can be purchased all year round, so I still like to eat cabbage. The cabbage is relatively simple whether it is shredded by hand or other methods, but many people will find the cabbage made by themselves. The taste is not as good as those purchased outside. This is probably because when choosing cabbage, you didn't choose the right one. So when choosing, pay more attention to some things to better choose high-quality cabbage.

The cabbage itself has two different states, one is relatively loose, and the other is relatively firm. So when making it, you must pay more attention to the selection, so as to ensure that the taste and texture of the final made cabbage will be better.

Among them, there is still a difference between the firm cabbage and the loose cabbage. You only need to feel it lightly with your hands to find out. Because the looser cabbage will weigh significantly less when it is picked up, but the tighter cabbage will feel much heavier when it is picked up. Because the difference between the two types of cabbage is quite big, so I would recommend you to use the firm cabbage for fillings, while the loose cabbage is used to make shredded cabbage.

In addition to the tightness of the cabbage, I also observe the color of the cabbage. If the cabbage is dull and dull, it is best not to buy it. This kind of cabbage is not only not fresh, but also tastes not fresh and tastes much worse, so it is not recommended.

Also, be sure to buy those cabbage that feels smoother to the touch, this kind of cabbage will be more tender. The fried cabbage will taste fresher, and it will also be very crispy and delicious. There is also the method of making cabbage. You must not use a knife to cut it directly. This method is not quite right. The best way is to tear the cabbage by hand.